Beáta Sperlágh has been elected as a President of the Hungarian Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (HSECP) www.mapharm.hu


Bálint Egyed,  grad student of the group delivered a talk at the Ceremonial Hall of the Main Building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at the „INNO-STUDENT-FORUM”  followed by a radio interview. Congratulations!

2015.02. 12.

Szabina Kulcsár, grad student of the group presented a lecture entitled  „Oxidative stress induced pathological dopamine release  as a source of dopamine quinone and ROS production: a new potential target for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease” at the Annual Student Conference of the Semmelweis University.

2015. 03. 26-28, Velence, Hungary

Beáta Sperlágh organized a symposium and the group presented posters at the Annual Spring Conference of the Experimental Section of the HSECP.

2015. 05.30-06.02, Maresias, Brazil

Beáta Sperlágh has given an invited lecture entitled „P2X7 receptors and neuroinflammation and psychiatric disorders” at the 11th International Congress on Purinergic Signalling in South America.

2015. 06.14-17, Tartu, Estonia

Three posters were presented by PhD students of the group at the European Society for Neurochemistry Biannual Conference:

Gergely Horváth, Lilla Otrokocsi, Ágnes Kittel, Mária Baranyi, Beáta Sperlágh, Investigation of P2X7R involvement in maternal poly(i:C) exposure evoked autistic features in mice

Lilla Otrokocsi, Flóra Gölöncsér, Beáta Sperlágh, Ágnes Kittel, Learned helplessness paradigm in P2xr7 wild type and knock out mice and its effect on synapses in the dentate gyrus

Katinka Bekő, Ádám Dénes, Gergely Horváth, Beáta Sperlágh, The effect of P2Y12 receptor inhibition in chronic inflammatory pain

2015. 08. 23-28.

Ágnes Kittel  acted as a chair of  the 12th Multinational Congress on Microscopy (MCM2015) held in Eger, Hungary.  Congratulations!

2015. 09. 14.

Stefano Calovi, M.Sc. from Italy has been joined to the group for three months as a volunteer.  Welcome!

2015. 09. 25-26, Balatonfüred, 19th IEM Days, the group presented three lectures:

LILLA OTROKOCSI, Á. KITTEL, B. SPERLÁGH, P2X7 receptors  and hippocampal spine synapses in the learned helplessness model of depression

GERGELY HORVÁTH, L. OTROKOCSI, Á. KITTEL, M. BARANYI, B. SPERLÁGH The Role of P2X7 Receptors in Maternal Immune Activation Model of Autism

ED BEAMER, B. SPERLÁGH, ATP released from astrocytes modulates excitatory neurotransmission from neonatal rat cortical subplate neurons



Beata Sperlagh has been awarded by the Academy Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


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